Wednesday, October 27, 2021


A Ninny

Catullus 17.12-13, 21-22 (tr. F.W. Cornish):
The fellow is a perfect blockhead, and has not as much sense as a little baby
two years old sleeping in the rocking arms of his father.


Like this, my booby sees nothing, hears nothing;
what he himself is, whether he is or is not, he does not know so much as this.

insulsissimus est homo, nec sapit pueri instar
bimuli tremula patris dormientis in ulna.


talis iste meus stupor nil videt, nihil audit,
ipse qui sit, utrum sit an non sit, id quoque nescit.

21 meus codd.: merus Passerat
Hat tip: Eric Thomson.

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