Sunday, October 10, 2021


A Quotation About Hebrew

Joseph L. Baron, ed., A Treasury of Jewish Quotations (New York: Aronson, 1985), p. 176 (373.18):
It is worth studying the Hebrew language for ten years in order to read Psalm 104 in the original.

*Herder. q Hertz, DPB, 582.
The asterisk indicates a non-Jewish author, and DPB stands for Daily Prayer Book (New York: Bloch Publishing Co., 1948). I only have access to Joseph H. Hertz, The Authorised Daily Prayer Book, rev. ed. (New York: Bloch Publishing Company, 1961), where the following appears on p. 582:
Herder, a pioneer of the appreciation of the Bible as literature, declared, "It is worth while studying the Hebrew language for ten years, in order to read Psalm 104 in the original".
No source is given, and I can't find the original quotation. Some German versions of the sentence are floating around on the World Wide Web, but I suspect that they are all translations from the English. One would expect to find the quotation in Herder's Vom Geist der ebräischen Poesie, but it escapes me.

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