Sunday, October 10, 2021


Civil War

Vergil, Eclogues 1.71-72 (tr. H. Musgrave Wilkins):
See to what a pitch of woe civil war has brought our wretched fellow-countrymen!

                             en quo discordia civis
produxit miseros!
Wendell Clausen ad loc.:
discordia: domestic strife, civil war; cf. G. 2.496 'infidos agitans discordia fratres', Cic. Phil. 7.25 'omnia . . . plena odiorum, plena discordiarum, ex quibus oriuntur bella ciuilia'. The collocation 'discordia ciuis' is striking; repeated in A. 12.583 'trepidos inter discordia ciuis' and imitated by Propertius 1.22.5 'cum Romana suos egit discordia ciuis'.

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