Monday, October 25, 2021


Exaltavit Humiles

Diphilus, fragment 86 Kassel and Austin (tr. S. Douglas Olson):
O Dionysus, dearest and wisest in the eyes of all those who have any sense, how kind you are! You alone make the humble man proud and persuade the fellow with a haughty expression to laugh, the weak man to take a risk, and the coward to be bold.

ὦ πᾶσι τοῖς φρονοῦσι προσφιλέστατε
Διόνυσε καὶ σοφώταθ᾽, ὡς ἡδύς τις εἶ·
ὃς τὸν ταπεινὸν μέγα φρονεῖν ποιεῖς μόνος,
τὸν τὰς ὀφρῦς αἴροντα συμπείθεις γελᾶν,
τὸν τ᾽ ἀσθενῆ τολμᾶν τι, τὸν δειλὸν θρασύν.

4 συμπείθεις codd.: συμπαθῶς Tucker
"poterat v. 6 sequi εἶναι διδάσκεις vel tale aliquid" Kock

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