Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Let the Bedstead Creak

Ovid, Amores 3.14.17-26 (tr. Christopher Marlowe):
The bed is for lascivious toyings meete,
There use all tricks, and tread shame under feete,
When you are up, and drest, be sage and grave,
And in the bed hide all the faults you have.
Be not asham'de to strip you being there,
And mingle thighes yours ever mine to beare,
There in your Rosie lips my tongue in-tombe,
Practise a thousand sports when there you come.
Forbeare no wanton words you there would speake,
And with your pastime let the bed-stead creake.

est qui nequitiam locus exigat; omnibus illum
    deliciis imple, stet procul inde pudor.
hinc simul exieris, lascivia protinus omnis
    absit, et in lecto crimina pone tuo.        20
illic nec tunicam tibi sit posuisse pudori
    nec femori impositum sustinuisse femur;
illic purpureis condatur lingua labellis,
    inque modos venerem mille figuret amor;
illic nec voces nec verba iuvantia cessent,        25
    spondaque lasciva mobilitate tremat.

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