Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Leaving Home

Sophocles, Philoctetes 969-970 (Neoptolemus speaking; tr. Richard C. Jebb):
Ah me, what shall I do? Would I had never left
Scyros!—so grievous is my plight.

οἴμοι, τί δράσω; μή ποτ᾽ ὤφελον λιπεῖν
τὴν Σκῦρον· οὕτω τοῖς παροῦσιν ἄχθομαι.
On the day after I graduated from high school I left the small town where I grew up. I often wonder if I made a mistake, if I would have been happier just staying put, not going to college, etc.

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