Saturday, November 13, 2021


Modern Use of a Curse Tablet

Daniel Seres and István Czeti, "'I Try to Publish Whatever Turns up.' Interview with Roger S. O. Tomlin," in Litterae Magicae: Studies in Honour of Roger S. O. Tomlin (Zaragoza: Libros Pórtico, 2019), pp. 19–28 (at 23):
Q: We have heard a rumour, that you are not only an expert of the curse tablets, but you have used this magical practice at least once.

A: I'm afraid that's true. I was once asked by a South Wales schoolteacher to write a silencing curse against one of her colleagues who was being unkind, gossiping and backbiting. So I wrote a very elaborate pseudo-Christianised curse to silence her, which I gave to the schoolteacher. Meanwhile I destroyed my workings, to prevent them coming back to me. And I told her to throw the curse into the sea off Swansea, which she did — and later I was told it had worked! I don't know if it really did, though.

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