Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Doctor Estaminetus Crapulosus Pedantissimus

Charles Baudelaire, Intimate Journals, 31 (tr. Christopher Isherwood):
Portrait of the literary rabble.
Doctor Estaminetus Crapulosus Pedantissimus. His portrait executed in the manner of Praxiteles.
His pipe.
His opinions.
His Hegelism.
His foulness.
His ideas on art.
His spleen.
His jealousy.
A fine portrait of modern youth.

Portrait de la canaille littéraire.
Doctor Estaminetus Crapulosus Pedantissimus. Son portrait fait à la manière de Praxitèle.
Sa pipe,
ses opinions,
son hégélianisme,
sa crasse,
ses idées en art,
son fiel,
sa jalousie.
Un joli tableau de la jeunesse moderne.
Estaminetus is presumably coined from estaminet, a word of Walloon origin meaning a pub. By pointing this out I mark myself as pedantissimus.

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