Tuesday, December 07, 2021


I'll Take My Stand

Homer, Iliad 18.306-309 (Hector speaking about Achilles; tr. Richmond Lattimore):
                                                                       I for my part
will not run from him out of the sorrowful battle, but rather
stand fast, to see if he wins the great glory, or if I can win it.
The war god is impartial. Before now he has killed the killer.

                                                                     οὔ μιν ἔγωγε
φεύξομαι ἐκ πολέμοιο δυσηχέος, ἀλλὰ μάλ᾽ ἄντην
στήσομαι, ἤ κε φέρῃσι μέγα κράτος, ἦ κε φεροίμην.
ξυνὸς Ἐνυάλιος· καί τε κτανέοντα κατέκτα.

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