Monday, December 27, 2021


While You Live

Inscriptiones Graecae XII, 9 1240, lines 16-21 (tr. Richmond Lattimore):
And through this stele of mine I tell wayfarers while you live, get and enjoy; for all must die.

καὶ διὰ ταύτης μου τῆς στήλλης μηνύω τοῖς παροδείταις ζῶν κτῶ χρῶ· τὸ γὰρ θανεῖν πᾶσι κέκραται.
On the phrase κτῶ χρῶ see N. Eda Akyürek Şahin and Hüseyin Uzunoğlu, "Neue Inschriften aus dem Museum von Eskişehir," Gephyra 18 (2019) 137-191 (at 140-142).

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