Saturday, January 08, 2022


Familiar Places

Cicero, On Friendship 19.68 (tr. William Armistead Falconer):
And habit is strong in the case not only of animate, but also of inanimate things, since we delight even in places, though rugged and wild, in which we have lived for a fairly long time.

nec vero in hoc, quod est animal, sed in eis etiam, quae sunt inanima, consuetudo valet, cum locis ipsis delectemur, montuosis etiam et silvestribus, in quibus diutius commorati sumus.
rugged and wild: literally, mountainous and wooded.

See J.C. Davies, "Was Cicero Aware of Natural Beauty?" Greece & Rome 18.2 (October, 1971) 152-165 (also rendered as "wild, rugged" on p. 154).

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