Monday, February 28, 2022


The First Commandment

Aristophanes, Clouds 423-424 (Socrates to Strepsiades; tr. Alan H. Sommerstein):
Is it correct, then, that you will now recognize no god but those we recognize,
the Void around us, the Clouds, and the Tongue, these three?

ἄλλο τι δῆτ᾽ οὖν νομιεῖς ἤδη θεὸν οὐδένα πλὴν ἅπερ ἡμεῖς,
τὸ Χάος τουτὶ καὶ τὰς Νεφέλας καὶ τὴν Γλῶτταν, τρία ταυτί;

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