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Incantation Against Gas Pains

Benjamin R. Foster, Before the Muses: An Anthology of Akkadian Literature, 3rd ed. (Bethesda: CDL Press, 2005), p. 184 (§ II.23 g):
Natural atmospheric wind is, of course, beneficial (see line 3), but wind locked up in the human body is harmful. Thus the wind should come out and go to its natural habitat. See also IV.39.
Go out, wind! Go out, wind!
Go out, wind, offspring of the gods!
Go out, wind, abundance of the peoples!
Go out of the head, wind!        (5)
Go out of the eye, wind!
Go out of the mouth, wind!
Go out of the ear, wind!
Go out of the anus, wind!
Let the man be released.
Let him find rest [    ],        (10)
Cf. id., p. 973 (§ IV.39):
This may be one of the few apotheoses of flatulence in world literature; see also II.23 g.
Wind, O wind!
Wind, you are the fire of the gods.
You are the wind between turd and urine.
You have come out and taken your place
Among the gods, your brethren.
There are more apotheoses of flatulence than you might think. See for example:


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