Tuesday, April 26, 2022


The End of This Age is Drawing Near

Lactantius, Divine Institutes 7.15.7-10 (tr. Mary Francis McDonald):
[7] As the end of this age is drawing near, therefore, it is necessary that the state of human affairs be changed and fall to a worse one, evil growing stronger, so that these present times of ours, in which iniquity and malice have advanced to a very high peak, can be judged, however, happy and almost golden in comparison with that irremediable evil.

[8] Thus, then, justice will become rare; so will impiety and avarice and cupidity and passion increase, so that if there will be any good ones then by chance, they may become the prey of the wicked, and be harassed on all sides by the unjust. And the evil alone will be the opulent, for the good are to be thrown about in all disgraces and in want. All justice will be confounded and laws will perish.

[9] Then, each one will have nothing, unless it be to be sought or defended with his hands; daring and violence will get hold of all things. There will be no faith in men, no peace, no humanity, no shame, no truth, and so neither will there be security nor control, nor any rest from evil.

[10] Every land will be upset; wars will press everywhere; all nations will be in arms and will fight with each other; neighboring states will go to battle one with the other.

[7] propinquante igitur huius saeculi termino humanarum rerum statum commutari necesse est et in deterius nequitia invalescente prolabi, ut iam nostra haec tempora, quibus iniquitas et malitia usque ad summum gradum crevit, in illius tamen insanabilis mali comparatione felicia et prope aurea possint iudicari.

[8] ita enim iustitia rarescet, ita impietas et avaritia et cupiditas et libido crebrescet, ut si qui forte tum fuerint boni, praedae sint sceleratis ac divexentur undique ab iniustis, soli autem mali opulenti sint, boni vero in omnibus contumeliis atque in egestate iactentur. confundetur omne ius et leges interibunt.

[9] nihil quisquam tunc habebit nisi aut quaesitum aut defensum manu, audacia et vis omnia possidebunt. non fides in hominibus, non pax, non humanitas, non pudor, non veritas erit atque ita neque securitas neque regimen neque requies a malis ulla.

[10] omnis enim terra tumultuabitur, frement ubique bella, omnes gentes in armis erunt et se invicem oppugnabunt; civitates inter se finitimae proeliabuntur.

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