Monday, May 09, 2022


Mother to Son

Homer, Iliad 24.128-132 (Thetis to Achilles; tr. Peter Green):
My child, how long will you go on eating your heart out
with weeping and lamentation, thinking neither of food
nor of bed? A good thing it is to lie with a woman,
to make love: for you've not long to live—even now, already,
death and all-mastering destiny are there beside you.

τέκνον ἐμὸν τέο μέχρις ὀδυρόμενος καὶ ἀχεύων
σὴν ἔδεαι κραδίην μεμνημένος οὔτέ τι σίτου
οὔτ᾽ εὐνῆς; ἀγαθὸν δὲ γυναικί περ ἐν φιλότητι        130
μίσγεσθ᾽· οὐ γάρ μοι δηρὸν βέῃ, ἀλλά τοι ἤδη
ἄγχι παρέστηκεν θάνατος καὶ μοῖρα κραταιή.

128 ἐμὸν - 131 μίσγεσθ᾽ om. Y
130-132 ath. Aristarchus

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