Tuesday, May 03, 2022


So-Called Phonemic Translation

Peter Green, Classical Bearings (1989; rpt. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1998), p. 260, with note on p. 310:
No translator, however ingenious, can reproduce the sound-patterns of an alien tongue: attempts at so-called 'phonemic translation', of which the Zukofsky Catullus remains the most notorious example, are mere grotesque curiosities. 'Et qui sis, fama loquetur anus', Catullus wrote: 'And that old woman Rumour will tell what you are.' What does the phonemic version give us? 'Wait queer, Sis Fame'll liquidate your anus.'29

29 Catullus 78.10; Celia and Louis Zukofsky, Catullus (1969) 78. Lefevere (n. 3 above) concedes the near-impossibility of phonemic translation.

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