Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Garden Ornament

Columella, On Agriculture 10.29-34 (tr. E.S. Forster and Edward F. Heffner):
Seek not a statue wrought by Daedalus
Or Polyclitus or by Phradmon carved
Or Ageladas, but the rough-hewn trunk
Of some old tree which you may venerate
As god Priapus in your garden's midst,
Who with his mighty member scares the boys
And with his reaping-hook the plunderer.

neu tibi Daedaliae quaerantur munera dextrae,
nec Polyclitea nec Phradmonis, aut Ageladae
arte laboretur: sed truncum forte dolatum
arboris antiquae numen venerare Priapi
terribilis membri, medio qui semper in horto
inguinibus puero, praedoni falce minetur.
See Hans Herter, De Priapo (Giessen: Alfred Töpelmann, 1932 = Religionsgeschichtliche Versuche und Vorarbeiten, XXIII), p. 208.

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