Saturday, June 18, 2022


Silver Stag Vessels

Silver stag vessel, Central Anatolia, ca. 14th–13th century B.C., in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (acc. no. 1989.281.10, gift of the Norbert Schimmel Trust):
See Theo van den Hout, "The Silver Stag Vessel: A Royal Gift," Metropolitan Museum Journal 53 (2018) 114-127.

Silver stag vessel found in Mycenae, Grave Circle A, Grave IV, ca. 16th century B.C., in Athens, National Archaeological Museum (inv. no. 388):
See Robert B. Koehl, "The Silver Stag 'Bibru' from Mycenae," in Jane B. Carter and Sarah P. Morris, edd., The Ages of Homer: A Tribute to Emily Townsend Vermeule (Austin: The University of Texas Press, 2014), pp. 61-66.

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