Tuesday, July 05, 2022


Restoration of Overthrown Statues

Tacitus, Histories 3.7.2 (tr. Clifford H. Moore):
An act long desired was now received with delight and given a flattering interpretation beyond its deserts, when Antonius [Primus] gave orders that in all the towns Galba's statues, which had been thrown down in the disorders of the times, should again be honoured. His real motive was that he believed that it would dignify Vespasian's cause if this were accounted an approval of Galba's principate and a revival of his party.

desiderata diu res interpretatione gloriaque in maius accipitur, postquam Galbae imagines discordia temporum subversas in omnibus municipiis recoli iussit Antonius, decorum pro causa ratus, si placere Galbae principatus et partes revirescere crederentur.

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