Saturday, July 23, 2022


The Israelites in the Wilderness

Salvian, On the Governance of God 1.9.43 (tr. Jeremiah F. O'Sullivan):
Consider that the men felt in no parts of their bodies the increases and decreases natural to human beings; their nails did not grow, their teeth did not decay, their hair remained at one length, their feet were not inflamed, their clothing was not torn, their shoes were not worn, and thus the dignity of the men was so conspicuous that it enhanced their mean garments.

adde homines in nullis membrorum suorum partibus accessus et decessus humanorum corporum sentientes, ungues non auctos, dentes non imminutos, capillos semper aequales, non adtritos pedes, non scissas vestes, calciamenta non rupta, redundantem hominum honorem usque ad induviarum vilium dignitatem.

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