Sunday, August 28, 2022


Easily Satisfied

Juvenal 5.6 (tr. G.G. Ramsay):
I know of nothing so easily satisfied as the belly.

ventre nihil novi frugalius.
Lucan 4.373-381 (tr. J.D. Duff):
O Luxury, extravagant of resources and never satisfied with what costs little; and ostentatious hunger for dainties sought over land and sea; and ye who take pride in delicate eating—hence ye may learn how little it costs to prolong life, and how little nature demands. No famous vintage, bottled in the year of a long forgotten consul, restores these to health; they drink not out of gold or agate, but gain new life from pure water; running water and bread are enough for mankind.

                                       o prodiga rerum
luxuries numquam parvo contenta paratis
et quaesitorum terra pelagoque ciborum        375
ambitiosa fames et lautae gloria mensae,
discite, quam parvo liceat producere vitam
et quantum natura petat. non erigit aegros
nobilis ignoto diffusus consule Bacchus,
non auro murraque bibunt, sed gurgite puro        380
vita redit. satis est populis fluviusque Ceresque.
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