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Unseemly Behavior

Salvian, On the Governance of God 6.13.74 (tr. Jeremiah F. O'Sullivan):
The leading men in the city were laying [sic, read lying] down at banquets; they forgot honor; they forgot age; they forgot religion; they forgot the dignity of their name. They were stuffed with food, lax from wine-bibbing, frantic from shouting, frenzied with revelry. They were bereft of no less than their senses. Indeed, because they were almost constantly like this, they no longer had senses.

iacebant in conviviis obliti honoris, obliti aetatis, obliti professionis, obliti nominis sui, principes civitatis cibo conferti, vinolentia dissoluti, clamoribus rabidi, bacchatione furiosi, nihil minus quam sensus sui, immo, quia prope iugiter tales, nihil magis quam sensus sui.
Id. 6.13.78:
I saw there tear-inspiring sights. It did not matter whether they were boys or old men. There was one buffoonery, one levity. All kinds of evil went on at the same time: luxury, drinking to excess, immorality. All were doing everything alike: they played, drank, and committed adultery. The old and honored men were wanton in their feasting. Those already too weak to live were imposing in their wine. Those too infirm to walk were robust in drinking. Those who staggered in their steps were quick in dancing.

vidi ego illic res lacrimabiles, nihil scilicet inter pueros differre et senes. una erat scurrilitas, una levitas; simul omnia, luxus, potationes, perditiones; cuncta omnes pariter agebant, ludebant, ebriebantur, moechebantur; lasciviebant in convivii, vetuli et honorati, ad vivendum prope iam imbecilles ad vinum praevalidissimi, infirmi ad ambulandum robusti ad bibendum, ad gressum nutabundi ad saltandum expediti.

moechebantur Mommsen: enecabantur codd.

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