Wednesday, September 28, 2022


A Short Greek Inscription

Friedrich Karl Dörner, ed., Tituli Bithyniae linguis Graeca et Latina conscripti: Paeninsula Bithynica praeter Calchedonem, Nicomedia et Ager Nicomedensis cum septemtrionali meridianoque litore Sinus Astaceni et cum Lacu Sumonensi (Vienna: Academia Scientiarum Austriaca, 1978 = Tituli Asiae Minoris, Vol. IV, Fasc. 1), number 324 (non vidi, my translation):
As long as you live, drink.

ὡς ζῆς, πῖ.
A. Geoffrey Woodhead, Journal of Hellenic Studies 101 (1981) 226:
At the end of the day, after so comprehensive a reminder of mortality, one may well feel that the message of the shortest of them all, no. 324, is also the best— ὡς ζῆς, πῖ.

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