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Karl Maurer, Interpolation in Thucydides (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1995 = Mnemosyne, Suppl., 150), p. 74, n. 28:
Perhaps it is just worth mentioning that Thucydidean catalogues seem often, for some reason, to proceed geographically in a counterclockwise spiral, towards the west and the south, to east and north east, ending in the far north west. Thus e.g., very consistently, much of the great list of allies at Syracuse in 7.57.
James M. Scott, "Luke's Geographical Horizon," in David W.J. Gill and Conrad H. Gempf, edd., The Book of Acts in its First Century Setting, Vol. 2: Graeco-Roman Setting (1994; rpt. Eugene: Wipf and Stock Publishers, , 2000), pp. 483-544 (at 526):
1 Chronicles 1 lists the nations of the world 'in a circle' which proceeds counterclockwise—from the North, to the West, to the South, and to the East—with Jerusalem in the center.

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