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Valerius Maximus, Memorable Doings and Sayings 8.14 ext. 3 (D.R. Shackleton Bailey):
Glory is not neglected even by such as attempt to inculcate contempt for it, since they are careful to add their names to those very volumes, in order to attain by use of remembrance what they belittle in their professions.

ceterum gloria ne ab his quidem, qui contemptum eius introducere conantur, neglegitur, quoniam quidem ipsis voluminibus nomina sua diligenter adiciunt, ut quod professione elevant usurpatione memoriae adsequantur.
John Briscoe, ed., Valerius Maximus, Facta et Dicta Memorabilia, Book 8: Text, Introduction, and Commentary (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2019), p. 219, provides no sources, but says:
V. somewhat bizarrely implies that those who professed to despise glory should have published their books anonymously or under a pseudonym.
The sentiment wasn't unique to Valerius Maximus. Cf. Cicero, In Defense of Archias 26:
Philosophers themselves, even in the books which they write about despising fame, sign their own names.

ipsi illi philosophi, etiam in iis libellis quos de contemnenda gloria scribunt, nomen suum inscribunt.
and Cicero, Tusculan Disputations 1.14.34:
Do not our philosophers, in the very books which they write about despising fame, sign their own names?

nostri philosophi nonne in iis libris ipsis, quos scribunt de contemnenda gloria, sua nomina inscribunt?
See also Tacitus, Histories 4.6:
Even by wise men the desire for fame is laid aside last of all.

etiam sapientibus cupido gloriae novissima exuitur.

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