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Pseudo-Hesiod, The Shield 129-134 (tr. Glenn W. Most):
After this he cast around his chest the hollow quiver; many arrows were inside, chilling, givers of speechless death: for in front they held death and trickled with tears, in the middle they were smooth, very long, and in back they were covered with the feathers of a fiery red eagle.

                   κοίλην δὲ περὶ στήθεσσι φαρέτρην
κάββαλεν ἐξόπιθεν· πολλοὶ δ' ἔντοσθεν ὀιστοὶ        130
ῥιγηλοί, θανάτοιο λαθιφθόγγοιο δοτῆρες·
πρόσθεν μὲν θάνατόν τ' εἶχον καὶ δάκρυσι μῦρον,
μέσσοι δὲ ξεστοί, περιμήκεες, αὐτὰρ ὄπισθε
μόρφνοιο φλεγύαο καλυπτόμενοι πτερύγεσσιν.
The same, tr. Barry Powell:
                                            Across his chest he cast behind
him a hollow quiver. There were many arrows in it, shivery,
the givers of speechless destruction. In front they held death,
trickling with tears. The shafts were smooth and very long,
and at their ends they were covered by the feathers of a reddish-brown
F.A. Paley ad loc.:

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