Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Go Away

Sophocles, fragment 201g Radt (tr. Hugh Lloyd-Jones):
Go away! You are disturbing sleep, the healer of sickness.

ἄπελθε· κινεῖς ὕπνον ἰατρὸν νόσου.

ἄπελθε· κινεῖς
Nauck: ἄπελθ' ἐκείνης codd. Clem. Alex. Strom. (2, 429, 12 Stählin)
ὕπνον ἰητρὸν codd.: ὕπνος ἰατρὸς Valckenaer
If Valckenaer's conjecture is adopted, the line means:
Go away! Sleep is healer of that sickness.
I've been sick for the past two days.

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