Saturday, January 21, 2023


Life and Death

Inscriptiones Graecae Urbis Romae IV 1703 (non vidi) = Inscriptiones Graecae XIV 2188 (on a sarcophagus in Rome, now worn away; my translation):
Pleasant (is) life, to live (is) sweet, to die (is) a terrible thing.

ἡδὺς βίος, τὸ ζῆν γλυκύ, τὸ θανεῖν ὑποψία.

ἡδὺ ὁ βίος August Nauck, "Epigraphisches," Philologus 9 (1854) 167-179 (at 177-178).
Both Georg Kaibel (IG) and Luigi Moretti (IGUR) doubt the genuineness of the inscription.

ὑποψία usually = suspicion (literally, a looking up from below), but see Henricus van Herwerden, Lexicon Graecum Suppletorium et Dialecticum, Pars II (Leiden: A.W. Sijthoff, 1910), p. 1581 (citing this inscription) "ὑποψία mire dictum pro δεινόν τι."

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