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Euripides, Iphigenia among the Taurians 1096-1105 (tr. William D. Furley and Jan Maarten Bremer):
I long for the market-places of Greece,
I long for Artemis, goddess of childbed,
whose home is the Delian shore
and the soft-leaved palm,
the flourishing laurel
and the sacred trunk of grey-green
olive, friend to Leto in travail,
and the lake with its circular,
eddying water where the swan
cultivates the Muses with its song

ποθοῦσ' Ἑλλάνων ἀγόρους,
ποθοῦσ' Ἄρτεμιν λοχίαν,
ἃ παρὰ Κύνθιον ὄχθον οἰ-
κεῖ φοίνικά θ᾽ ἁβροκόμαν
δάφναν τ' εὐερνέα καὶ         1100
γλαυκᾶς θαλλὸν ἱερὸν ἐλαί-
ας, Λατοῦς ὠδῖνι φίλον,
λίμναν θ' εἱλίσσουσαν ὕδωρ
κύκλιον, ἔνθα κύκνος μελῳ-
δὸς Μούσας θεραπεύει.         1105
The same (tr. Edith Hall):
I yearn for the festivals of Greece,
I yearn for Artemis of childbirth,
who resides by the Cynthian hill,
and the soft-leaved palm-tree
and the maturing laurel
and the sacred shoot of the silvery olive,
a friend to Leto in labour,
and the lake where the water ripples in a circle,
and the tuneful swan serves the Muses.

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