Friday, March 24, 2023


Inflation at the Grocery Store

Plautus, Aulularia 373-377 (tr. Wolfgang de Melo):
I went to the market and asked for fish. They told me it's expensive. Lamb: expensive; beef: expensive; veal, tunny, pork: expensive, everything. And they were more expensive for this reason: I didn't have money. I went away from there, angry, since I don't have the money to buy things with.

venio ad macellum, rogito pisces: indicant
caros; agninam caram, caram bubulam,
vitulinam, cetum, porcinam: cara omnia.        375
atque eo fuerunt cariora, aes non erat.
†abeo iratus illinc, quoniam† nihil est qui emam.

377 illinc iratus abeo Guyet
iratus illinc abeo Francken
abeo illim iratus Bothe
abbito...quom Lindsay
<mihi> nil Wagner

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