Sunday, March 03, 2024


A Pleasure Greater Than Reading

The Council of Love at Remiremont, lines 121-126 (the nun Adeleyt speaking; tr. Reuben R. Lee):
From the time when I was first able, I have always kept this style of life,
and I desire always to do so while I shall still be able,
to serve the knights that serve me.

Indeed such a pursuit pleases me more than the psalter,
union with such men pleases me more than reading.
For the sake of union with them, I place small value on our rule.

Semper, ex quo potui,    sectam illam tenui,
et semper desidero,    dum habere potero,
seruire militibus    mihi seruientibus.

Tale uero studium    magis quam psalterium,
talibus me iungere    placet plus quam legere.       125
Propter horum copulam    parui pendo regulam.

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