Wednesday, June 16, 2004


St. Jerome on Wealth and Poverty

In all of the following passages, St. Jerome seems to assume that the amount of money in the world is a fixed quantity:

On Isaiah 33.13:
Monies are not heaped up for one man except with loss and damage to another man. (nisi cum alterius damno et malo, pecuniae alteri non coacervantur.)
Letters 120.1:
For all wealth is derived from wickedness, and unless one man has lost, another cannot find. (omnes enim divitiae de iniquitate descendunt, et nisi alter perdiderit, alter non potest invenire.)
Tractate on Psalm 8.24:
For whoever is rich, cannot be rich unless he has robbed a poor man. (quicumque enim dives est, nisi pauperem exspoliaverit, dives esse non potest.)

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