Monday, July 12, 2004



Dennis Mangan quotes from an article by Taki Theodoracopulos entitled Sloppy Clothes, Shabby Manners.

There is something to be said on the other side, and Thoreau says it best in the first chapter of Walden, from which the following excerpts come:On at least one occasion Thoreau did buy a new pair of trousers, but apparently he did not cut a dashing figure in them (Journal, May 8, 1857):
Within a week I have had made a pair of corduroy pants, which cost when done $1.60. They are of that peculiar clay-color, reflecting the light from portions of their surface. They have this advantage, that, being very strong, they will look about as well three months hence as now -- or, as ill, some would say. Most of my friends are disturbed by my wearing them.
Taki says, "At the G8 summit on Sea Island, Ga., the only man who dressed properly was -- dare I say it? -- the president of France." In other words, the most duplicitous scoundrel there was also the most nattily dressed.

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