Monday, November 01, 2004


Talk Like a TV Evangelist Day

In the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day, Jim Watkins proposes Talk Like a TV Evangelist Day and offers these tips:
When greeting other students, co-workers, "Hello, faa-rend" (friend).

When the copier jams or computer crashes, stike it with the heel of your hand and shout, "Heeee-ole" (heal).

If this is not effective, shout, "Come OUT foul spirits!"

Once the copier is unjammed or computer rebooted, "Pa-raise (praise) God; thank ya, Jeeeeeeeeeeee-sus."

During planning meetings shout, "Name it and claim it, fa-riend!"

While standing by the office vending machine, "Faa-rend, if you will just buy me a cup of coffee—yes, just one cup—the Lord will ba-less (bless) and reward you ten fold."

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