Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Reine Freuden

The Maverick Philosopher has some interesting posts on Fred Reinfeld and Robert Reininger.

Reininger is a new pleasure for me, but I learned to play chess at age 12 from Reinfeld's books, which I borrowed from the public library. I had no idea where to get a real chess set, so I drew pieces on paper, cut them out, and moved them around a checkerboard. My uncle saw me playing with these makeshift pieces and bought me a real wooden set, which I still have.

Nowadays I usually play chess only against the computer, but my son and I play whenever we get together. I can't imagine where he gets his competitive genes, but he's a bloodthirsty competitor, at both chess and Scrabble. The last time he beat me in chess, he whooped and danced a war dance in triumph.

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