Wednesday, April 27, 2005



The more I watch the boob tube, the more convinced I am that Edward Abbey had it right in Desert Solitaire. The interlocutors in the following dialogue are a tourist and Abbey (working as a park ranger):
"Don't you have a TV?"
"TV? Listen lady...if I saw a TV out here I'd get out my cannon and shoot it like I would a mad dog, right in the eye."
"Goodness! Why do you say that?"
"What's the principle of the TV, madam?"
"Goodness, I don't know."
"The vacuum tube, madam. And do you know what happens if you stick your head in a vacuum tube?"
"If you stick your head..."
"I'll tell you: you get your brains sucked out."
Here are three (of a gazillion) things that especially irritate me on TV lately:Where's my cannon?

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