Friday, June 10, 2005


Modern Liturgical Music

Jim Hicks, in an email:
I was away from the Holy Mother Church for nearly 30 years. I came back on Ash Wednesday 2000. Very quickly I noticed that many of the hymns were difficult to sing and had the most banal lyrics. One Sunday the priest corrected me when I used the term vestibule. "No, Jim," he said, "It's the gathering space." I suppose after Mass it becomes the scattering space. Nowadays I dream and plot to override the PA system and play Gregorian Chant during Mass. I might seal the keyboard cover to the grand piano with Super Glue. Then we would not be subjected to the incessant tinkling of New Age dreck during the Mass. For those who like to play darts, shoot pistols, or practice archery a recent issue of America magazine has a group portrait of the St. Louis Jesuits on the cover. It is well suited for target practice. Pax Vobiscum.

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