Sunday, September 11, 2005


Some Names in Homer

Simon Pulleyn (commentary on Homer, Iliad 1.247) writes, "As [Jasper] Griffin (on 9.162) has pointed out, heroes with disyllabic names in Homer belong to an earlier generation. Thus Antilochus is son of Nestor; Agamemnon of Atreus; Diomedes of Tydeus; Achilles of Peleus."

It is easy to find examples to the contrary. In the Iliad, Ajax (Aias) is son of Telamon; Charops of Hippasos; Dolops of Klytios; Glaukos of Hippolochos; Kleitos of Peisenor; Koon of Antenor; Krethon of Diokles; Morys of Hippotion; Mydon of Atymnios; Nastes of Nomion; Nireus of Charopos; Sokos of Hippasos; Teukros of Telamon; Thoas of Andraimon; et al. Homer explicitly characterizes Thoas as one of the young men (kouroi), at Iliad 15.281-284 (tr. Richmond Lattimore):

Now Thoas spoke forth among them, the son of Andraimon,
far the best of the Aitolians, one skilled in the spear's throw
and brave in close fight. In assembly few of the Achaians
when the young men contended in debate could outdo him.

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