Friday, November 25, 2005


Thanksgiving Thoughts

I had no thoughts on Thanksgiving worth communicating, but others did. I recommend:
  1. Clayton Cramer on the history of Thanksgiving.
  2. Jeff at Quid Nomen Illius? on magazine cover art commemorating the holiday.
  3. Bill Keezer on reasons to be thankful.
  4. Dennis Mangan on the gratitude he feels for friendships with fellow bloggers.
Dennis with characteristic modesty says, "I hasten to add that they are all far more educated than me, so it is something of a conceit on my part to think of myself as their peer." To which I reply, "Bosh!" Any regular reader of Mangan's Miscellany can testify to the author's fine writing, sharp intelligence, and stout courage in maintaining and defending controversial opinions which many share but fear to utter.

Besides, education and advanced degrees are no guarantee of intelligence, as this farrago of nonsense by a tenured professor on the subject of Thanksgiving amply demonstrates.

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