Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Bitter Withy

Gypsy Scholar has a fascinating series of posts on the Bitter Withy folk song:
  1. The Bitter Withy
  2. "Bitter Withy" Revisited
  3. Edgar Lee Tyler on "Bitter Withy"
  4. Building a Bridge with Beams of the Sun
In the fourth post he quotes from a web page that says:
See also, K. v. Tischendorf, Evangelia Apocrypha (Hildesheim, Georg Olms, 1966; photoreproduction of the 1876 edition) p. 106, note 1 (In Tischendorf's edition of Pseudo-Matthew): Sequitur hoc loco in codice B narratiuncula quae abesta cdd. A et B. Est autem haec: Et cum Iesus cum aliis infantulis super radios solus (? solarii ? Scriptum est sol') ubique plures ascenderet et sederet, multique simili modo facere coeperunt, praecipitabantur, et eorum crura frangebantur et brachia. Sed dominus Iesus sanabat omnes. (Once, Jesus sat and rode up on a sunbeam many times, while he was with other children. Many of them wished to do the same thing and they fell; they broke legs and arms. But the Lord Jesus healed all of them--Cartlidge.)
Two easy corrections to the Latin:
  1. For abesta cdd. A et B read abest a cdd. A et B. The abbreviation cdd. stands for codicibus. Still, the sentence makes no sense -- "At this spot in manuscript B there follows a little story that is missing from manuscripts A and B." Is the story in manuscript B or not? Perhaps the second B should be C or some other siglum.
  2. For super radios solus read super radios solis.

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