Thursday, March 08, 2007


Know Thyself

Montaigne, Essais 3.9 (tr. Donald M. Frame):
If others examined themselves attentively, as I do, they would find themselves, as I do, full of inanity and nonsense. Get rid of it I cannot without getting rid of myself. We are all steeped in it, one as much as another; but those who are aware of it are a little better off--though I don't know.

Si les autres se regardoient attentivement, comme je fay, ils se trouveroient comme je fay, pleins d'inanité et de fadaise: de m'en deffaire, je ne puis, sans me deffaire moy-mesmes. Nous en sommes tous confits, tant les uns que les autres. Mais ceux qui le sentent, en ont un peu meilleur compte: encore ne sçay-je.

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