Saturday, July 28, 2007


More Zucchini

Dear Mr. Gilleland,

Many years ago, Russell Baker wrote a very funny and memorable article about the annual zucchini plague for his Sunday Observer column in the New York Times Magazine. I was unable to locate the article, but this archived letter to the Times suggests that the joke attributed to Garrison Keillor may not have originated with him.


David Doster

August 5, 1984

Although Russell Baker refers many times to "planting" squash, he overlooks the truism that "zucchini grows whether you plant it or not" ("Squash," Sunday Observer, June 24).

In these parts - and only in the summer - we are urged to lock our cars when we park; otherwise, when we return, we may find someone has dumped some zucchini in it.

But, joking aside, we really love the stuff. Why else would thousands of us go to celebrate the annual Zucchini Festival, in late August, in the nearby town of Harrisville, N.H.? DEECE LAMBERT Hancock, N.H.

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