Sunday, December 30, 2007


Scenes of Desolation and Despair

John Clare, To a Winter Scene:
Hail scenes of Desolation and despair
Keen Winters over bearing sport and scorn
Torn by his Rage in ruins as you are
To me more pleasing then a summers morn
Your shattr'd scenes appear—despoild and bare
Stript of your clothing naked and forlorn
—Yes Winters havoc wretched as you shine
Dismal to others as your fate may seem
Your fate is pleasing to this heart of mine
Your wildest horrors I the most esteem.—
The ice-bound floods that still with rigour freeze
The snow clothd valley and the naked tree
These sympathising scenes my heart can please
Distress is theirs—and they resemble me

Caspar David Friedrich, Winter Landscape

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