Sunday, September 27, 2009


How to Smile

Theodore Dalrymple, "The British Disease," The Wall Street Journal (September 26, 2009), on Gordon Brown:
[H]e is widely believed to have taken lessons in how to smile, though he has not been an apt pupil, for he now makes disconcertingly odd grimaces at inappropriate moments.
Samuel Beckett, Watt:
Watt had watched people smile and thought he understood how it was done. And it was true that Watt's smile, when he smiled, resembled more a smile than a sneer, for example, or a yawn. But there was something wanting to Watt's smile, some little thing was lacking, and people who saw it for the first time, were sometimes in doubt as to what expression exactly was intended. To many it seemed a simple sucking of the teeth.
Photographs show that I have the same disability as Brown and Watt.

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