Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sit Down

[Thanks to Eric Thomson for correcting an earlier version of this post.]

Greek Anthology 16.12 (on a statue of Pan), tr. J.W. Mackail:
Come and sit under my stone-pine that murmurs so honey-sweet as it bends to the soft western breeze; and lo this honey-dropping fountain, where I bring sweet sleep playing on my lonely reeds.
The same, tr. W.R. Paton:
Come and sit under my pine that murmurs thus sweetly, bending to the soft west wind. And see, too, this fountain that drops honey, beside which, playing on my reeds in the solitude, I bring sweet sleep.
A Latin translation by Hugo Grotius:
Veni, et sub mea conside pinu, quae mellitum
    ad molles sonat inclinata Zephyros.
En etiam scatebra melliflua, ubi modulans melos
    dulcem in deserto sonantibus somnum adduco calamis.
The Greek:
Ἔρχευ, καὶ κατ' ἐμὰν ἵζευ πίτυν, ἃ τὸ μελιχρὸν
    πρὸς μαλακοὺς ἠχεῖ κεκλιμένα Ζεφύρους.
ἠνίδε καὶ κρούνισμα μελισταγές, ἔνθα μελίσδων
    ἡδὺν ἐρημαίοις ὕπνον ἄγω καλάμοις.

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