Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Bad Breath

Martial 3.17 (tr. Tony Harrison):
The tart passed round for sweet's so hot
no one touches it. No one, but NOT
Sabidius whose greed burns more.
He blows on it 1-2-3-4.
It's cool. Still no one touches it —
Sabidius's breath turns all to shit.

Circumlata diu mensis scribilita secundis
  urebat nimio saeva calore manus;
sed magis ardebat Sabidi gula: protinus ergo
  sufflavit buccis terque quaterque suis.
illa quidem tepuit digitosque admittere visa est,
  sed nemo potuit tangere: merda fuit.
Martial 3.28 (tr. Paul Nixon):
"There's a horrible smell in poor Marius' ear."
  You're surprised at the matter?
A coincidence, Nestor, escapes you, I fear —
  That's just where you chatter.

Auriculam Mario graviter miraris olere.
  tu facis hoc: garris, Nestor, in auriculam.
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