Saturday, October 30, 2010



Euripides, Ion 381-383 (tr. David Kovacs):
Mortals are many, and many their fortunes and of many shapes. Yet a human life of unbroken blessedness—that you will hardly find.

πολλαί γε πολλοῖς εἰσι συμφοραὶ βροτῶν,
μορφαὶ δὲ διαφέρουσιν· ἓνα δ' ἂν εὐτυχῆ
μόλις ποτ' ἐξεύροι τις ἀνθρώπων βίον.

ἓνα δ' ἂν εὐτυχῆ
Heath: ἓν δ' ἂν εὐτυχὲς L

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