Sunday, December 05, 2010


My Worship and Creed

Charles Morris, The Parallel, in Lyra Urbanica; or, The Social Effusions of the Celebrated Captain Charles Morris of the Late Life-Guards, vol. II (London: Richard Bentley, 1840), pp. 59-63 (at 63):
Then to all sour railers at mirth,
    All fretful repiners, I say—
Joy's rites are my worship on earth,
    And my creed's to be grateful and gay.
I care not one farthing for all
    The conceits of the sage or the ass;
I enjoy Heaven's gifts to this ball,
    And I thank with a song and a glass.
"This ball" is this globe. i.e. the earth.

Id., The Bard's Speculations, pp. 170-174 (at 172):
    The best prize that I know
    In Life's lottery below
Is to scorn all lamenting and whining;
    Whate'er be our lot,
    To taste well what we've got,
And sin not, by thankless repining.

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