Saturday, January 29, 2011


He Supplies All My Needs

Bernd Heinrich, Summer World: A Season of Bounty (New York: Ecco, 2009), p. 181:
But if Welwitschia could speak it would say, "God has been kind and thoughtful to me above all others. He has given me two leaves, no more, no less, just exactly the right number that I need, and he has made them to last me a lifetime, and he has put me here in this environment that is so hospitable for me that I don't need to move from the spot and can exist here. He supplies all my needs so that I can live without worries for centuries. The temperature—extreme summer to anything else—is perfect. I never overheat, and food is provided from the ground and air. Water and carbon dioxide come to me in the foggy air at night. I'm in paradise. He has foreseen every little thing to make my life complete. Therefore, when he created the world, he must have had me, specifically, in mind."

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