Saturday, January 22, 2011



Excerpts from Terence, Phormio (tr. John Barsby):

How unfair life is, when the have-nots are expected to contribute all the time to the haves!

quam inique comparatum est, ii qui minus habent
ut semper aliquid addant ditioribus!
The moral is that, when people are at their most prosperous, they should be pondering most carefully how they're going to endure adversity—dangers, losses, exile.

quam ob rem omnis, quom secundae res sunt maxume, tum maxume
meditari secum oportet, quo pacto advorsam aerumnam ferant,
pericla, damna, exsilia.
Listen to that! It's all the same. They're all alike: know one, you know them all.

ecce autem similia omnia! omnes congruont:
unum cum noris omnis noris.
There are as many opinions as there are people; everyone has his own way of looking at things.

quot homines tot sententiae, suos cuique mos.
I'm tired of hearing the same thing a thousand times.

at enim taedet audire eadem miliens.
You're singing the same old song.

cantilenam eandem canis.
Old age is an illness in itself.

senectus ipsast morbus.

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